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Are you still here? Most potential customers of the adult internet market are fickle and have chosen whether or not to buy into your web site within seconds of arriving.
This means that you must get their attention straight away if you want to make sales and be successful, offering the surfer with a compelling reason to give you their money.

I can help you. I have knowledge of creating and managing various adult web sites since 2002 as an employee, and now I am available as a freelance designer or to aid in the maintenance of your current site or sites.

I have been involved in the design, integration and upkeep of several Wordpress blogs, making sure they are up to date as newer versions and security updates are released .I have also written custom scripts for these blogs. If you want a blog design making to your site, I can make a wordpress skin that is simple to upload and run on your current installation.

'Pay as you go' web sites

I can now offer 'pay as you go' web sites. A simple and real web site for yourself for a very small outlay. These web sites are aimed at escorts and are based on a template that includes a flash gallery for all of your images, includes any available domain name, and an email address for your contact information included with your site.

With many 'free' web sites having restrictions on what can be shown, and also putting their own blurb all over your pages, these sites are completely yours and you say what goes where. The only thing I put on is a small 'made by MoreFodder' link right at the bottom right corner, below the main areas, but this will be reciprocated with a link from my site to yours.

To view this new deal from myself, please click here to go to the page with all the information on it about this great web site opportunity.

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